What is the Chrome OS Image loader extension?

Currently I’m uploading about 16GB of images into my Google Drive account. At first I tried to copy them into my local drive folder in order to let the Files.app synchronize everything automatically. Only to discover that the process takes decades to finish and is even having problems while uploading. Lucky I was, the solution is simple.

I opened https://drive.google.com and began uploading them again. This actually works much better and without all those sync errors and retries. Only caveat is that I have to leave the Chromebook running. I’m using the Keep Awake extension for such tasks.

While browsing the web whether other people would have the same bad experience using the local drive sync I stumbled upon the Image loader extension. You can see it in the task manager, consuming not only a subtle amount of RAM. Nobody installed it and nearly nobody knows what it does.

According to https://bugs.chromium.org it is actually an asynchronous process which helps preparing thumbnails for the Files.app in the background. Previously the frontend would block while loading thumbnails.

You can find the issue here:

Hope this helps people wondering about the extension and the memory it consumes.

There might be more on the internet, but I only searched for about 5 minutes (normal user behavior, right?).

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